Personal consultation for photographers

Hi! I'm Lana, a professional photographer from Moscow, currently traveling in the USA.



I have shot in many cities in Russia, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, Seychelles and USA.


I started photography 15 years ago and have come a long way, making mistakes, being inspired by great photographers, countries, music, books and comparing myself with colleagues until finally my style. I still continue to learn new things every day though.


If you are just starting your journey in photography, our meeting will aim to provide you with valuable knowledge, help you unlock your potential, build a solid working foundation and outline key steps for the near future. 


We will also look at strategies for personal growth and together we will explore methods of overcoming limitations and achieving a higher level of skill.

I will be happy to answer your most pressing questions either in person or via virtual platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

During the consultation, we can have a verbal discussion, dedicate the entire two hours to practical photography skills, or create a combination of both: one hour dedicated to theory and the other to hands-on practice.



Our meeting will be very useful and productive for you.

What is included in the counseling session?


  • The consultation can take the format of an oral consultation
  • Analyze your few best photos
  • Analyze your Instagram profile
  • Discuss photo retouching
  • Analyze your personal website or think about the structure of your website if you don't have one yet.
  • Analyze your current level and development prospects, work out the steps to get what you want.
  • We will discuss the issue of finding and attracting customers
  • Talk about how to communicate with the customer
  • We will analyze the pricing of your work now and prospects for growth

One meeting

Zoom meeting

90 min


Personal lesson -$ 200

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