About the author of the project "INTEGRATION"


Svetlana Balashova is a talented photographer-artist from Moscow.

She has been in this profession for more than 15 years. She has vast experience in organizing photo projects both in Russia and in many countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and USA. She had a chance to shoot famous artists and world athletes, commercial events and concerts, portraits, family and wedding celebrations. She paintings and photographs are in private collections in Russia, France, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Italy, Germany, USA. Participant of solo and group exhibitions in Russia, France, Uzbekistan, winner of various art and photo exhibitions.

From October 2022 to June 2023 she traveled and studied the culture and history of Uzbekistan. At that time it was her longest stay in another country, away from home. And this, of course, had a strong impact on her worldview and creativity. A significant force in adapting and immersing into a new culture was people with whom she had similar feelings and emotions. She is currently in Houston, Texas, USA, where she is gathering material for a new photography project.

About the project:


The catastrophic events that unfolded in 2022 changed the lives of millions of people. There was a spontaneous migration of the population of these countries. People found themselves in places, conditions and cultures that were different and unaccustomed to their daily lives. In 2022, Svetlana was at the center of migration events in the Republic of Uzbekistan, where more than 38,000 Russians arrived after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.

It is essentially a reflection on migration, the relationship between people and cultures. A story about how it emotionally affected the project participants. How the city and country (Uzbekistan) left a powerful imprint in the minds and lifestyles of newly arrived people of a different culture. 
All photos are taken with a phone using FaceTime application.



This project is non-commercial. All expenses for shooting, printing of photos, publications in mass media, purchase of frames and grounds are not sponsored by anyone and I will be glad if you will be a part of this project and support me!


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